Prosciutto Pizzettes

These are from a party I catered.
This are the best things for cocktail parties- super versatile, affordable, and a crowd pleaser… they also can be easily assembled at the last minute… or up to 2 hours before hand, leaving you more time to get ready or entertain your guests!

You will need: (for 25 pizzettes)

15 thin slices Prosciutto (try get the best quality you can, as this is the star ingredient. I recommend parma, or you could even use jam on iberico if you like)

4-8 Oz of cheese… You can use fontina, asiago, gouda, parmesan, or even brie.

8-10 Oz of parmesan… again try use a decent one from italy.

Fig Preserves… you can usually find this as “Dalmata fig spread” in most supermarkets… alternatively, you could use quince paste if you are feeling exotic.

1 long fresh French baguette (or make your own!)

Olive oil

Arugala, preferably baby, to garnish.


This recipe is super simple… First preheat the oven to 400.

Slice bread into slices 1/4″ thick. drizzle in olive oil. spread on baking sheet.

Grate 8-10 oz of parmesan cheese. sprinkle on toasts evenly… You don’t have to use all of the cheese if you want it to be less heavy.

Bake for 10-15 minutes, or  until cheese has melted and toasts are golden brown. Remove, and allow to cool.

Cut your cheese of choice into 1/8″ fine slivers.  they should not be longer than 1″.

When you are about 2 hours away from service, or sooner, begin to assemble. Place a 1/2 tsp of fig spread or quince paste onto each toast. Then use half a slice of Prosciutto and try to place it on the toast to make it fluffed up and almost sculpture like. Insert a piece of cheese into a fold in the Prosciutto, then garnish with a baby arugala leaf. Repeat, and when you are done, serve!

These always disappear first when I’m catering a party.




  1. Joey

    I used to love when you made these! I still make them sometimes 🙂 last time we used pita chips and brie 🙂 That champagne shallot mustard went well with them too 😀

  2. bahaha i remember making A THOUSAND of these for the book party.

    …and now i want them again.

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