My Sous-vide Machine, the Sous Vide Supreme demi!

Thanks to my dad for the best christmas present ever!

Helpful hints-

With Sous-vide, place the food in a Ziplock and immerse unlocked bag in a large enough container of water keeping the opening above the water level. The water will force out the air creating a decent vacuum. Seal without letting any water in, and you’re ready to Sous-vide! This is great cause now you can skip on buying the vacuum sealer and the special bags.

You can make your Sous-vide cheap… since its all about keeping the water bath at a certain temperature, all you need is a insulated container ( like a chest cooler, an accurate thermometer and something to heat water up with. I’m sure it likely won’t be able to keep the temperature for long, but you could always remove the cooler water and add more hot water to try get the temperature in a range. Or, if you’re good with your hands, check out this DIY build at

More to come soon!

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