Patina, Downtown Los Angeles

Their dinner menu

Clockwise from top left:

Marinated Hawaiian Kampachi with cucumber vinegar, avocado, crostini & green apple mustard – This was really good. The fish was not masked by the relatively delicate vinegar, and the mustard gave it a nice kick.

Interesting gin cocktail with thyme – strong and the thyme did not overpower the drink

Liberty farm duck  breast & pressed confit – this was the most delicious plate. The confit was pressed between something hot and it gave it a nice crisp. The duck breast was tender, perfectly cooked and not gamey.

Slowly Cooked Local Halibut, braised endive, orange supreme – The only bad dish of the night – and this is not to say it was really awful, but it was just not up to standard. The fish was perfectly cooked but the fish tasted of nothing, not fishy, not salty, just bland. We sent this one back… and the chef peeked his head out and gave us a disappointed look.

Prime Beef Tenderloin, contrast of celery, “jus de cuisson” – My dinner partners main course. He said the beef was tender and as good as it would be at any good steak restaurant. The contrast in celery was interesting, with celery stalk, celery root and celery leaf all in different preparations.

Seasonal Glazed Vegetable Mosaic, ”jus végétale,” navette oil – Another starter. The visuals on this dish were absolutely stunning, yet simple. Each vegetable had retained its own individual character, texture and taste. Truly amazing dish.


  • Absolutely delicious and fairly innovative food, extensive wine menu, friendly, unpretentious staff.


  • Expensive, had to send back the fish, though it was Sous-vide perfectly with a great texture, it was bland and strangely flavorless, not fishy or bad tasting, just tasteless.

Ah, Patina. In the end there is something etherial about this place. With its strange but beautiful wood walls made to look like drapery and its cosy atmosphere, this place is a great place to take a date.

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