Dragon King Restaurant (龍皇酒家), Hong Kong

Ah, Hong Kong. My home. I had not been back in over a year and as usual so much has changed. New buildings, new people, but most importantly, new restaurants, and my new favorite dim sum place is Dragon King Restaurant, located in the heart of Causeway Bay, on the 12th floor of the World Trade Center, with a spectacular view of Hong Kong harbor. 
A perfect piece of dim sum must look like a work of art and taste sublime with contrasting textures and harmonious flavors. Dim Sum used to be only for royalty a long time ago, but I bet that even then, they did not have food this beautiful in terms of visual beauty as well as taste.

We went to Dragon King Restaurant for lunch and it was crowded but my smart aunt had a table reserved. I can’t remember the names of the food well enough to translate effectively, but I know we had:

Steamed “Crystal” dumplings stuffed with vegetables and black truffle (the most amazing thing ever)

Deep Fried Taro dumplings stuffed with pork. (these were so delicate, I could not work out how someone could fry these and retain the shape)

Deep Fried Radish dumplings (amazingly sweet radish and a delicate pastry)

Shanghainese Pork Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao)

Steamed Rice flour rolls with Chinese barbecued  pork (Cha Siu Cheung Fun)

Fried Bread Buns stuffed with pork and chives (Shan Tzeen Bao)

My favorite were the crystal dumplings – these were interesting as truffle is not often used in Chinese cooking, but they were divine, and oh so pretty. And not to mention relatively healthy. Though all the deep fried stuff certainly negated any health points I might have gotten for eating my veggies.

If you are ever in Hong Kong, I highly recommend Dragon King Restaurant. It’s conveniently located in Causeway Bay, right near an MTR station in the World Trade Center building (next to the Excelsior Hotel).

Dragon King Restaurant Address:


Hong Kong

+852 2895 2288

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