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Until moving to West Oakland, I had no idea that there were so many restaurants in the area. There are quite a few hidden gems in Chinatown and a few noteworthy establishments in Berkley. This past weekend, we had brunch at Portal, a restaurant / beer garden with a large outdoor patio overlooking Lake Merritt. […]


The Pig, a “nose to tail” restaurant, located in Logan Circle is a must try if you happen to be in the Washington DC area, unless of course you don’t like pork… or bacon… in which case, I don’t think we could be friends. Having found this restaurant on yelp, I had pretty high expectations […]


  I was in the mood for Mexican recently, but not the typical run-of-the-mill Mexican. I was feeling creative and I came up with a non-traditional appetizer and a more authentic traditional main. These two go great together – the contrast was not too great so they still complemented each other. The nachos get a […]


It has been much too long since I have posted. Almost six months. Well, I’ve moved to South Emeryville / West Oakland so blog posts from now on will be much more bay-area centric rather than the limited but good selection of restaurants in Napa. Its a nice change of scenery though the commute is […]


Carpe Diem – a quaint wine bar in downtown Napa specializing in small plates. On first glance, I expected the place to be pretentious, but I was pleasantly surprised. Aside from a 10 minute wait despite the face we had a reservation, the experience was enjoyable and memorable. My dinner partner and I opted to have a glass of wine whilst […]


I was in sunny San Francisco this past weekend and boy was it warm! I checked out the park with a bunch of friends and had a few beers. It was an awesome relaxing time. The heat, however, tends to get me a little peckish and my friend just happened to have some ripe bananas […]


Well I know that I have been a little inconsistent in my posting frequency here. Life has just been quite a bit hectic up here in Nor-Cal. I did however, manage to get away one lunch break to check out Red Wood – one of Yountville’s newest restaurants, and a serious contender for the title of “best gourmet […]


My friends over at WineInvestment wanted to ring in the holidays with this post on their favorite Mulled Wines! – The traditional one is my favorite, though the “Glogg” sounds like a must-try for this christmas.   Mulled Wines – An Introduction It’s easy to imagine how special one’s next holiday party could be spiced […]


TheFoodieCooks: I usually blog about great restaurants across the world, but never about what makes them successful aside from the obvious; the food. Below, my dear friend Claire wanted me to feature this. It is a welcome and much needed post! A restaurant is an eating place; but it can be so much more. Dining in […]


Ah, Hong Kong. My home. I had not been back in over a year and as usual so much has changed. New buildings, new people, but most importantly, new restaurants, and my new favorite dim sum place is Dragon King Restaurant, located in the heart of Causeway Bay, on the 12th floor of the World Trade […]